Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Celebrating 100

Sandy K has issued a challenge to celebrate her 100th post. We are invited to write about the number 100. (Oh boy, the way I'm going I'll have to write about the 100 spelling errors I'm making as I write this!) Anyhow, at first I thought ...100...what can I possible write about 100?. So I thought I'd see how many things of 100 I could find in my yard:
100 logs ready for the winter, 100 purple geraniums, 100 wild strawberries in a bed of 100 landscape rocks, 100 aspen leaves attacked by leaf miner surrounded by healthy leaves.

Then I thought...what an idiot I am! What does 100 mean to me?? It means my hometown, my wonderful hometown where I want to live all my days even if I make it to 100!
Our town was created during the mid 1880's gold rush. Miners poured into the area following the news of gold in the Cariboo. A wagon road was created to manage the traffic, from Lillooet on the Fraser River to Barkerville, through Bridge Creek House, which was then renamed 100 Mile House because it was 100 miles from Lillooet, or Mile 0.
We boast a population of around 1,900, but the population of the surrounding rural areas (of which I am part of) & unincorporated "towns" which call 100 Mile House home is closer to 17,000.
We are an 3,050 feet (930 metres) above sea level, and do have some harsh winters where the average temperature is -15 celsius, but can go -40 or lower for days at a time.

We are very much a western community, with forestry as our main industry,
surrounded by cattle ranches

and hundreds of lakes, which attract fisherman from all over.

So, to sum it up, 100 means, to me, home.
(And I do apologize for the "hurried" look, but I am in a hurry, and my internet is running super slow, so I am getting more than a little frustrated. One of the joys of rural living!)


  1. Love your photos and great story about your hometown.

  2. Great to find out more about your home - it looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing this :)

  3. loved the 100 pictures and the information on your hometown.

  4. Great photos and I enjoyed looking around your home.

  5. forests... i can smell the pine needles and i can imagine the gold rush.

  6. Oooohhhhhwwwww. I'm crying. Wishing it was my home town too. That would mean we would be close to eachother. I do miss You so very much, I miss Canada, I miss the Cariboo Country, I miss 100....

    Weeping me.

  7. I bet I could encourage you now at 40 to have enough confidence for one of my photo shoots !!!....in fact, I know I could !

    it would be a blast !

  8. Hello and thanks for going to the trouble comment over at my blog! I love yours, and love looking at all the pics. Happy 100th!