Sunday, July 5, 2009

Help me, I'm melting!

Today is one of those hazy summer days when the entire outdoors feels like your bathroom after a hot shower.
When you can see the moisture in the air.
When you need to soak yourself and your dog with the hose
Just to stay sane.

Its one of those days when you thank god that someone thought to invent the blender.
You rummage through your fridge to find whatever looks good.
Hmmm....there's seven strawberries left, might as well use those up.
Some cranberry yogurt...why not?
Blackberries would go great, but they don't grow here.
Grab the vanilla ice cream, can't make it without that.
Off to the pantry....let's see...
Orange drink powder, coconut,
And a banana for good measure.

Pour it all in,
Give it a whirl,
Pour it in a frosty glass
Plunk in a straw,
And there you have it -

The Hot'n Hazy Summer Delight!!

Photo credits Kiwi & Strawberry Smoothie - setting up, 2. Jumbo-size strawberries, 3. Honey vanilla ice cream, 4. Coconuts">here


  1. Whew! I sure wish I could share that with you. Sounds delicious!

  2. Yeehaaa, is that Trevor? And your new dog (can't be so big already)? Oh we just had a day the same like yours. As if your skin is boiling all over....grrr. Hate those days. But this morning is better already. So I'm gonna do some housekeeping....sigh. No more excuses of being hot.

    Next time please make me this smoothie. Love it.

  3. That is hilarious - we just had our coldest morning - 3 degrees - I have frozen all day. Our summers get to over 40 degrees so I can wait for our summer. Enjoy your summer - mmmmm - strawberries always hit the spot :)

  4. Delicious...and your mosaic is lovely as well. Hot hazy days can be draining, but then I remember how cold I get in the winter (I sympathize wiht you, ols1) and try to be greatful. And YES to blenders, and all the cold things that go in them! How did you create this mosaic?

  5. yummy... i miss those intensely hot days. ireland does not know what they look like.

  6. Yummy! Now I want a smoothie, but its 10:30pm here. Love your mosaic as well :)