Friday, July 10, 2009

Wildflower Friday (ok, I made that one up!)

My region of the world....the "Cariboo" region of BC, is full of beauty.
At this time of year the wildflowers bring a rainbow of colour to the forests.
I wanted to share them with you, because yeah, I'm proud of where I live!

A few of them I just learned the names of now, after living here for 20 years! The Balsam Root has had me puzzled ever since we moved here. All of these pictures, except the daisies,and the dogwood were taken in the forest on our property, those I got from flickr, but they do grow on our property as well:

Tiger Lilies

Wild roses - rosehips

Indian Paintbrush

Oxeye Daisies


Deltoid Balsam Root (my camera wouldn't cooperate on the fuzzy close-up...sorry!)


American Vetch

Dwarf Dogwood (The regular sized dogwood is my province's flower)

I tricked my son into walking with me & my camera.....

Thanks for bearing with me and my showcase!!


  1. wildflower friday....just kidding !!!....LOVE IT !

    and what flowers you have around you....and tricking our kids seems to be a game we have to play often as they grow....arrggghhh !

  2. What a lovely showcase Joyce! What a beautiful place you live in. Makes me long for some greenery of the wild kind as I sit here in my city apartment. I barely manage to keep a few potplants going (don't have the greenest thumb!) so seeing your lovely space even virtually is a treat - thank you! Lovely pics of your son with the pup too, even if you had to trick him to take them ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos and such a beautiful place to live. My favourite flowers are tiger lillies :)

  4. i wish i lived in such green surroundings where you can wander off and explore such beauties. lovely!

  5. Hi sweetie, great shots. Wonderful to have your camera back isn't? Nice to see J (it's J right?). Have a happy warm sunny weekend. Hugs Me.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful flowers. We have a decent variety, but not like you have. And I, too, trick the kids (and husband) into walking in front of me on our excursions. Are women born with that gene?:)

  7. Man that can't be T he's my little sweetie not that tall other loved one???? I'm sorry made that mistake ;-) It's just that it's been toooooo long I've seen them... I long for you guys. Hugs

  8. You have reason to be proud Joyce!

    I would have to say that the oxeye daisy and the dwarf dogwoods are my favourites.

  9. I love that you made that up! And I love all of these flowers! How fun that you hiked around and took photos and then posted them with their names! These are just great