Monday, July 6, 2009

Mosaic Monday...Cherries & Cheese

Okay, I'll bite into the mosaic monday theme. Even though its almost noon & I haven't accomplished anything yet.

I love cheese
I love cherries
Cherries & Cheese....not really the first combination that comes to mind with either of those great foods.

But there's a method to my madness.
A theory I need to share.
A revolutionary way to fine dining

If you eat a huge bowlful of cherries, you'll soon be running to the bathroom
If you eat a big plate of assorted cheeses, you won't be needing the bathroom for a long time.

My hypothesis, therefore, is as follows:

1 or more bowlfuls of cherries & 1 or more plates of cheese = a well balanced meal!!


  1. You have a sound theory there:) I laughed right out loud. How do you create your mosaic? I am loving the variety of formats I'm seeing. Cherries at the center is wonderful.

  2. Well I've never studied nutrition... and that's why I giving your diet two thumbs up!

  3. I'm buying that favorite foods!

  4. I just love cheese and I love cherries - you are right - I would have not thought of that combination either - sounds and looks delicious - great mosaic.

  5. lovely! isnt creating this mosaic and posting it accomplishement enough for half a day? :)

  6. hee hee....look at that wisconsin cheese in that photo....I live on cheese as I'm a cheesehead you know !

    great mosaic !

  7. Hee you, love this one. Like both cherries and cheese (as you know). Love the mosaic too. How did you do this with the different sizes? Talk soon. Cherrie hugs and cheese smiles from me to you my special friend.

  8. Now I'm grinning because boy -- you nailed that one! It's a perfect combination!