Friday, July 17, 2009

Its Friday!!!!!

Hooray for Friday
I've been watching the clock
It's finally after noon
Haven't felt much like working all day
But have forced myself to do some things that
have dealines.

I was getting frustrated, hot, and cranky,
And yes, it is PMS.
Deal with it, world.

I went to make an iced latte,
And sip it outside
Sit with my husband, playing with the dog.

There's a wind,
Its mostly cloudy, just a thin layer.
Perfect weather to be outside
To hell with work.

My gardens are lacking colour
All except for this oneAs, with the economic crunch we all face,
I didn't want to buy a lot of colourful annuals this spring.

But now the nursery,
Within walking distance
(if you walk empty-handed)
Has everything 30% off.
So over I go.

Should've taken my camera
Didn't think of it till just now.
Anyways, got a flat full of
pinks, reds, purples, and a splash of yellow.

To my delightful surpise,
There was a "freebie" table
Mostly with cauliflowers,
Which aren't gonna grow unless you have a green house
And who wants to grow vegetables anyways?
But there were a few red snapdragons,
And some kind of vines,
I added them to my wagon
And off I went.

So now, I have an hour and a half
Free Time
And I will be
On my knees
Stinking like mosquito spray
Puhing the puppy out of my way
Maybe getting sweaty
And enjoying myself.

I'll show the improved gardens another day.

What else could a gal ask for??


  1. Hi Joyce, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. Sounds like a good day for you --despite the PMS. Getting garden plants on sale is so smart. I'm sure it won't be long 'til you will have alot of color in your yard.

    Please come back to my blog anytime and I'll return to yours.

  2. I've been lacking a colorful garden as well, though am hoping to plant fall mums, which I love. After our trip I'll be working outside until back to work...the summer goes quickly!

    I love sales! And freebies!

  3. Hi sweetie, love to see you're enjoying yourself so much with you wonderful garden. Colorful or not I love it. Can't wait to see the pics when your done. Oh and don't forget to write about how many times the little bloodsuccers got you. ;-) Still do remember very clearly my thick leggs from all the bites. arghhh.

    Love you lots Dagmar

  4. Just look at that trunk! You go girl!

  5. this reminds me of a "mary mary quite contrary" where does your garden grown joke....

    well... in my trunk, but of course :)