Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Faces (and maybe some help?)

Here's hoping these friday pansy faces will brighten your weekend.

And, if anyone would care to give their opinion as to why some of these flowers are so clear and others just wouldn't focus, in the exact same conditions, I would love to know why.


  1. ever since i was a child, i have always found that pansies remind me of cats - i dont know why. this is one flower that i just cannot like. they seem to be always hissing at me.

    i know - i'm a strange girl.

  2. Lovely pansies The only answer I have to your question, is that perhaps those flowers who chose not to "focus" just wanted to "glow"...I know, I'm a romantic. (sigh)

  3. Pansies are such a happy flower - I hope you weekend was happy and the week ahead happier :)

  4. favorite especially the rich color here! camera was focusing on a different part (the background)in the blur shots...i do it all the time!