Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thank-you for Asking

Yesterday Trevor asked if we could go to the beach.
I said, not today, but maybe tomorrow we can.

We used to live 15 minutes away, now it's double that
(I know, big deal)
But the kids were little then,
One summer we went almost every day
Now its been a few years since we were last there.

The small beach has changed a little
The firepits are gone,
And so are the few aspen trees that provided a little shade

But the essence was the same
The smell of the water
The heat of the sand
The prickly grass beyond the sand

And the feeling of family & togetherness
That doesn't come as often
When your boys are teenagers.

So Trevor,
Thank-you for asking
And we'll do it again soon!


  1. Cool day at the beach- and cool way the photos are...

  2. the beach sand seems to be a charcoal colour?

    family togetherness is simply priceless, especially when the emotion is there too.

  3. We live close to the beach and our kids love it. Your children looked like they loved the experience - and you have these great photos as momentos.

  4. The beach is a must, its just so beneficial for everyone. Its one of those things that seems like a hassle, but so worth it when you get there. I have friends that never go to the beach because they think they have to pack the house, but I have realized you can grab the basics and just go. I am so glad you went and had fun. I love seeing the past and present shots of your boys. (Cool effect on the present photos of your boys, by the way).

  5. what a great day...
    kids get us to the best things sometimes, huh ?

    {and our town is big...and I've never been to the gardens before and there is no road access to this building...I guess that's how it's stayed hidden from me all this time}

  6. Hi Joyce great beach pics!
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  7. Looks like a lovely time was had by all! I wonder why it is that we stop doing the things that we love and are easy to do? I have to remind myself of things like this (or be reminded) too. :)

  8. I love this post -- isn't it the best when THEY ask?

  9. This is such a sweet post. Time with our children/grandchildren/family/friends is so very precious. Enjoyed the photos.

  10. Oh my goodness! A gentle reminder of how fast they grow. We'd better not wait so long or soon they'll be too busy...Thank you!

  11. Enjoyed seeing your boys pictures. That is such a cool technique you have on the newer photos. Looks like a good time!!

  12. the images in pieces like that are so artisitc ~never seen that before joyce...thanks for visiting my space