Monday, July 20, 2009

On a Summer Sunday

If I could only hold on to this day,
Make it last just a little longer,
Enjoy the moment
For a few extra hours.

Sitting outside in my yard
One chair for my butt,one for my feetAnd one to spare, in case my son comes by
to sit for a few moments

What am I hearing?
The chirping of my budgies, enjoying the fresh air
The breeze blowing throught the "whispering aspen", which surround our house
The rythmic boing boing boing of the trampoline
The occasional tinkle of the windchimes
The background hum of the odd vehicle on the nearby highway.

Its a perfect summer day
Sunny, with enough clouds & breeze
to make sitting in the sun

I even dared to haul my bikini top out of storage
where its been for a few years
I couldn't figure out why it would "sit" properly
(I had it upside down!)

So here I sit,
Bikini top and all
Working my cross-stitch,
Enjoying the moment.,


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day - still cold here. You talking about bikini tops makes me think about getting in shape ready for summer :)

  2. Sounds absolutely perfect! Not so sure I am brave enough to pull out the bikini top though...

    btw - the bracelet you mentioned takes about 6-8 hours depending on how fast people work.

  3. Hi Joyce, Wauw this looks like heaven to me. If only I could sit with that extra chair for me please.

    We don't have summer weather over here. We only have rain, rain and more rain. And on top of that the humidity is very high...Yeak.
    So enjoy the good days.

  4. i enjoyed "sitting" with you here ~elk

  5. I love the dichotomy here; sitting in the summer sun cross stitching a winter Santa. Lovely!

  6. If your son doesn't show up, may I please sit in his chair and enjoy the summer day with you? The lovely aspen they turn a brilliant yellow come fall? Glad you figured out that bikini top thing. Nice post.

  7. My LONG ago two-piece top would probably now fit around my thigh. Ah, but you look blissful!