Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go Fly a Kite!!

I love the wind.
I love to walk in the wind.
Last night was "blustery"
To say the least.
I took Monty for a stroll,
upon returning home,
Monty & I beheld a strange sight.

My husband was attempting to fly
my mosquito tent!
Or so it seemed.
Monty took one look and thought
"What fun!!"
And pumped his puppy legs over to help

I thought
"What fun"
And had a serious internal debate
over whether to run for my camera,
or run over to help.


In reality,

He was attempting to anchor my tent
back to the ground
from where the wind had lifted the pegs right out

He was holding a corner rope,
trying to pound in a peg with his foot,
And trying to keep Monty from attacking the "kite"
All at the same time.
Who says men can't multi-task...if they really try??

Since it is my tent,
I figured I'd better go help
Cause if he saw me with my camera,
He was liable to let the thing fly
With the two of us it didn't take long
To gather up the blown away chairs
and anchor it firmly back where it belonged,

But it was funny
While it lasted!


  1. Seriously funny. Have you seen Jack Sh*t's post about wanting to blog things that happen in "real life?" Too funny!

  2. Hello there. Just checking out new blogs and I really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like. :)

  3. I think you made the right choice by NOT getting the camera. It was more fun using my imagination while reading your post.

  4. This is so funny...I have this type of conversation with myself quite often, over getting the camera or helping out or letting it go. I think you made the right decision, as I would LOVE to have the tent!

  5. Heehee! Enjoyed that :)

  6. Mental pictures - I bet it was a sight. My husband cringes every time he sees me with the camera when I am trying to capture some strange moment in time - but often they are the best shots.

  7. Hi again - if you go to the Cops and Doughnuts website I think you can order their shirts from there. What a cute gift:)

  8. That one is definitely a photograph of the heart -- the kind you never forget!

  9. You made me giggle and giggle and giggle. I totaly can see Gerry struggle with the 'thing', the dog, the wind and eventualy you laughing at him. I would've got the camera...tell him so....I'm still giggling here.