Monday, July 13, 2009

Children of the 80's

I was adding to an old scrapbook of mine
Which in itself I should feature on of these days,
When I came across this.
Its kinda long, even though I cut parts out, but if you were born between 1965 & 1977
You will really identify with it.

"I am a child of the 70's & 80's.

When I got home from school I played Atari 2600.
I spent hours playing Frogger, and I never did beat Asteroids.

Then I watched Scooby Doo. Daphne was a goddess, and I thought Shaggy was
smoking something synthetic in the back of the Mystery Machine. I HATED Scrappy!

I never beat Rubik's cube, unless you count taking off the stickers,
or breaking it apart & putting it back together.

I got up on Saturday mornings and watched Hanna-Barbara cartoons.
In between Jabberjaw and Thundarr the Barbarian I would watch
Schoolhouse Rock (Conjunction Junction, what's your function?)

On Friday night Daisy Duke was my idol, and Bo Duke was my future husband.
Did your dad turn from mild-mannered Bill Bixby into the Incredible Hulk
when he got upset?

I watched Indiana Jones save the Ark of Covenant,
Marty go Back to the Future, and Bill Murray form the Ghostbusters.

Ronald Reagan was cool, Gorbachev was the guy who built McDonalds in Moscow.
During family vacations we collected Muppet Movie glasses, and found creative uses for Connect Four pieces.

I listened to John Cougar Mellencamp sing about Pink Houses and Jack & Diane.

I drank Dr. Pepper. I'm a Pepper you're a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too? Shasta was for losers. Tab was a labratory accident.
Orange Juice wasn't just for breakfast anymore. Bacon had to move over for something leaner.

My mom put a thousand Twinkies in my Flintstones lunchbox, and our world was the backyard and it was all you needed.

With your pink portable tape player Debbie Gibson sang back up to you. Everyone wanted a skirt like the material girl and a glove like Michael Jackson. When we were older we were going to be amazing breakdancers.

Today, we are the ones who sing along with Bruce Springsteen and the Bangles and have no idea why. We subscribe to the Retro Channel and watch the A-Team and Knight Rider, and laugh with the Cosby Show and Family Ties.
"What you talkin'about Willis?"

We hold strong affection for the Muppets and Care Bears, and why did they take Smurfs off the air? After School Specials were about cigarettes and step-families. The Polka Dot Door was nothing like Barney. Why couldn't we all be in Romper Room, and not just in the mirror?

We are the ones who still read Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, the Bobbsey Twins, Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume.

The backdoor was never locked and mom served only the red Kool-Aid. You never drank the New Coke.

Entertainment was cheap and lasted for hours. The Sit'n'Spin always made you dizzy, but never made you stop. Big Wheels were the ultimate driving vehicles, and if you couldn't fishtail one, you weren't worthy of driving it. Bicycles were made to see who could make the longest skid mark in the street, and we all practiced for the roller derby.

In your Underoos you were Wonder Woman, Spider Man, or R2D2. Pogoballs were dangerous weapons and Double Dutch was a feat only the class goddess could master.

We didn't start the fire Billy Joel.

There was always that one field that could be used for baseball, football, soccer, or just a place to hang out. That was my Field of Dreams Mr. Costner. We could trick or treat at night without fear of being killed. We loved orange race tracks, until our mother realized she could smack us with them.

We collected Cabbage Patch kids and baseball cards, and stuck our favourite players in our spokes to make them flip.

Going to get a Happy Meal on Saturday was worth waiting the other six days of the week.

"Hey my mom will take if your mom picks up!"

This was our generation....and we had way more fun than today's kids who spend all summer at their XBox 360's while texting their buddies next door.


  1. You're sure right about all the old stuff I remember. I was born in 1968. There is a song called "It was 1980-Something" that sums it all up for me.

    You're also right about Salem Lake being in a large city. I live in the country, but work for Winston-Salem, which is the 4th largest city in NC. It really doesn't feel like a large city though, esp. the traffic.

    Enjoyed your look back into time!!

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember watching many of those programs. My husband had an atari. I loved the Dukes of Hazard - it was my favourite - great post - thanks :)

  3. i love the cosby show. still watch if there are reruns. and i have managed to do the rubiks cube just ONCE in my life. but hey, that counts, right?

  4. a flinstones lunchbox with twinkies. that is classic! this is such a down to earth, make the heart smile post joyce.

    thank you for the comment that you left on my blog yesterday. i appreciate it very much when people take the time to really answer and share pieces of who they really are, like you did.

  5. Thank you for that nostalgic journey:). My daughter is going to a the farewell New Kids on the Block concert and we have been reminiscing about the 80's and 90's and things which defined our era's. What fun!

    Except the Rubik's cube - NOT fun!