Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Omniscient Mom

My kids must think I know everything
Where would they get that idea?

"Mom....where's my work-pants?"
"In your closet"
"No they're not"
"You have to open your eyes when you look"

"Mom...where's the remote?"
"Under the middle cushion on the right hand side"

"Mom, where's the keys to the garage?"
"In the bottom of the shoe bin"

My cell-phone rings.
"Mom...where's the dishcloth?"
"In the laundry, get a clean one"
"From where?"
"The cupboard above the dryer."

My friend hands me the phone...its for you.
"Mom.....where's that movie you rented?"
"In the DVD player."

"Mom...where's your wallet
"In the car."
"..............Wait a second......
why do you need my wallet?"

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  1. That last one is too funny! Sounds familiar, but I will also include my hubby as well as my kiddos!

  2. Oh here here, this sounds like my household. SMILE. Accually I do now, but I realy don't do when there calling out for me for socks missing...aagghhrr

  3. moms know everything don't they !!
    sounds just like my house used to sound and now with one living on her own and other having been gone all summer.....
    I don't miss it having to know everything !

    {and honestly, aren't they always somewhat amazed that we always know what we know?....I think they are}

  4. The all-seeing, all-knowing, omniscient "MOM". Way to go! Are you wearing your cape?